It’s 7 Days to Go ‘Til Online Revolution! Teaser Deals Are Here!

Online Revolution is 7 days away! Lazada will be having 3 days of out-of-this-world discounts and deals starting from November 9 to 11. With discounts of up to 95%, 11-PESO Deals and tons of treats from our partner brands, this is the ultimate campaign to really keep pushing to your audience!

It's 7 Days to Go 'Til Online Revolution! Teaser Deals Are Here! | Pinoy Shop Today

It’s 7 Days to Go ‘Til Online Revolution!

Also, Lazada really has to exert extra effort in making sure that online shoppers get the best shopping experience on November 9!

Exciting Deals ‘Til November 9!

Every day, Lazada will be revealing one (1) deal which will be available starting November 9. These are teaser deals to get you really looking forward to November 9. For today we will be revealing 2 deals as a treat! Note that the actual price is not yet revealed with one of the numbers left for you to guess.

It's 7 Days to Go 'Til Online Revolution! Teaser Deals Are Here! | Pinoy Shop Today

Let your excitement level up and be ready for the Lazada Online Revolution from November 9-11, 2017!

The Lazada Online Revolution 2017 – Shop The Universe

The Largest Online Sale in the Philippines is coming fast, and this year, Lazada is doing things differently. Online Revolution is now in full motion, as the traditional month-long mega celebration is offering new items and new deals, all while changing its direction towards Shopping the Universe! The Online Revolution 2017 starts on November 9, 2 days earlier, to give the customers more leeway and options to shop at the best prices and feel the effortless Shopping more prominently, especially in this holiday season.

It's 7 Days to Go 'Til Online Revolution! Teaser Deals Are Here! | Pinoy Shop Today

With the start of this celebration, expect a lot more deals, top brands, and great flash sales, as the online sale gets extensive in offering the best and biggest products for all customers, at the best prices possible to date. The biggest online sale of the year promises a great culmination of all the things you love from the website and improving the overall effortless shopping experience that you may recognize before.

The sale had become a tradition by the top online shopping platform in the Philippines, all to provide effortless means for shoppers in the country. In addition to ordering items online in the comforts of your home, you can now expect more surprises, coupled with Free Shipping and the Best Deals offered by the Top Brands in the country. If paying method is your concern, there are options for you to choose from. With over 45 million visits to all LAZADA platforms, ranging from the desktop websites and the mobile app, you can be amongst friends when buying the best items possible for you.

The Online Revolution also became the home for many deals and games that customers can participate in, all to make the purchases more fun and worth the special time and hard-earned money that the customers were offering. This year, Lazada’s grandest shopping event will keep up with these promos, and now offer more surprises that you can surely expect when the first day hits!