A7 Action Sports Camera (Black)

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When you’re on vacation or on an adventure, you never want to miss a moment. What’s more is that you want to relive it as often as you can. Whether above the water or under it, the A7 Action Sports Camera lets you record it all!

The A7 Action Sports Camera comes with a 1.5″ LCD screen that provides you just the right amount of surface screen to check your photos.

Can’t get enough detail? The A7 Action Sports Camera’s 90° wide-angle lens makes sure that every little detail gets seen and recorded.

The A7 Action Sports Camera comes with HD 720p recording feature that allows you to take hi-res photos.

The A7 Action Sports Camera doesn’t just take care of photographing movement, it also functions under 30 meters of water.

The A7 Action Sports Camera come with a TF Card SDHC Class 4+ that stores up to 32GB — plenty of room to save all those photographs.

Time is precious and every moment spent with fun and excitement must be recorded properly especially if you’re someone who goes for the extremes. With its capability of capturing photo and video formats in high definition minus the annoying motion blur, people started taking photos of themselves while engaged in adrenaline-pumping activities with the use of action cameras. For that, you need an item that you can rely on, something like the A7 Action Sports Camera.

The price tags of similar cameras can be quite steep. In addition, it’s hard to find a camera that caters to this specific use with the same powerful specifications. The A7 Action Sports Camera is a good option for those who are keeping a tight budget but still want to capture the thrill of the extreme. With this camera, you can keep your moments not just in your memory, but also in print, thanks to its 5MP power that’s always ready to accommodate you no matter the distance or wherever the adventure takes you. It has a 120-degree wide angle lens which allows capture of beautiful moments all throughout your journey.

Product Specifications

Video/image resolution: HD 720p
30-meters waterproof
90° Wide-Angle Lens
High-speed USB2.0, Web camera
Memory capacity: TF Card SDHC Class 4+ up to 32GB
Screen size and type: 1.5″ LCD
Rechargeable 900mAh lithium battery

Price: ₱699.00 (Before ₱2,200.00, You save 68%)

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