Acer W1-810-12RL 8″ Atom Z3735G 1GB (White)

Acer W1-810-12RL 8" Atom Z3735G 1GB White | Pinoy Shop Today

Having power when you’re on the move is always a good thing. Equip yourself with an efficient device that can help you get the job done in the form of the Acer W1-810-12RL 8″ Atom Z3735G 1GB with Bluetooth Keyboard Tablet.

Do away with complicated software and stick to something familiar yet innovative. As a Windows-based tablet, the Acer W1-810-12RL comes with a user-friendly interface that you’ll surely enjoy navigating. It also features an easy search system which enables you to accomplish more while using less effort.

Furthermore, this OS also enables you to access the App Store. Choose from a wide array of applications and turn your tablet into a personal assistant fit with everything that you need.

Experience real power within your hands whenever you’re holding this unit. The Intel Atom Z3735G Tablet comes with a an Intel Atom Z3735D processor which enables you to play sleek games, launch applications and surf the world wide web seamlessly. This part also enhances energy consumption, helping you get the most out of the 4600 mAh battery.

Aside from the sleek hardware, it also packs a huge built-in memory which further enhances tablet operations. No longer will you have to deal with pesky slowdowns or close unused tabs.

Product Specifications

Operating System: Windows 8.1
CPU (Model + Speed): Intel Atom Z3735G 1.33GHz Processor
RAM and Hard Disk Drive (HDD): 1GB RAM and 32GB eMMC
Graphics: Intel HD Graphic
Memory and expandability options: 32GB eMMC
Graphics: Intel HD Graphic
Memory and expandability options: 32GB eMMC
Connectivity options: Acer Nplify 802.11b/G/N
Camera resolution (MP): 2MP Front, 2MP Rear
Battery type and charge (mAh): 4600mAh
Power Consumption: 220V / 60Hz

Price: ₱5,990.00 (Before ₱15,500.00, You save 61%)

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