Casio Poptone Digital Women’s Black Resin Strap Watch LDF-50-1D

Casio Poptone Digital Women's Black Resin Strap Watch LDF-50-1D | Pinoy Shop Today

From the beginning of time, Kashio Tadao founded Kashio Seisakujo, in Mitaka, Tokyo in 1946. The legendary story of Casio marks the advancement for any given Generation. From the humble beginning era, Casio proves to be the last toughest brand to standout in this leading edge improvement.

In 1974, Casioメs first wristwatch was introduced and competes in wide range demand for modernization. CASIOTRON is a type of quartz timepiece; digital chronometers consist of a counter that measures pulses from a crystal oscillator, in other words, a simple adding machine that shows a running calculation of each second. Casio made intensive efforts to overcome marketing barrier by time CASIOTRON released, but with vision and giving a unique quality line of watch. Casio stands and plays in the midst of the watch market.

In 1983, Casio gives a new concept of the watch that could be dropped from the top of a building and still not break. The humble Casio G-Shock is more than just another cheap, digital watch amongst a sea of cheap, digital watches ヨ it is an engineering masterpiece that has graced the wrist of some of the toughest people in the world, and has lived to tell the tale. Inspired design with shock protection system that used rubber mounts to cushion the movement within the watch case. When the watch hit something hard, the rubber shock mounts would compress, slowing down the deceleration of the movement inside, thus protecting it from the full force of the impact. The first G-Shock, the DW-5000, was launched in April 1983 in the United States, with an advert that showed it being strapped around an ice hockey puck and being hit at full force. It took the market by storm.

Product Specifications

Case Dimension:46 x 23 x 11 mm
Case Shape: Rectangular
Movement: Quartz
Durability (ATM):5 ATM
Battery Life:3 years on CR1216
Colors may differ slightly from the photo

Price: ₱1,075.00 (Before ₱2,925.00, You save 63%)

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