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Beach lovers enjoy roaming around as soon as the summer kicks off. Going to the marvelous places here in the Philippines or out of the country must be totally fulfilling when you have the essentials. First, decide where to go. Have you been to the North recently? Why not try a hike in Sagada, Mountain Province and be amazed on the wonderful cloud formations or watch how the fog envelopes the whole town proper. Here, you will need a lightweight jacket that can help you bear the cool air, a trekking sandals or shoes with anti-slip soles, and a water-resistant backpack.

Get into the Hottest Deals with Lazada’s Summer Sale! | Pinoy Shop Today

For those who want beaches, whether for a swim or surf, then La Union will be a good destination up north as it has lots of commercial and developed beach fronts that will truly mesmerize the swimmer or surfer in you. Moreover, for those who want to be in an island that is not seasoned, you can try Palaui Island in Sta. Ana, Cagayan. In enjoying the beaches, you may opt for a swimsuit, rash guard, light slippers, summer hats, and a sunblock to have complete protection from the harmful UV rays.

Get into the Hottest Deals with Lazada’s Summer Sale! | Pinoy Shop Today

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Meanwhile, for the workaholic buds who just want to stay near the Metro, just in case something needs to be done during the weekend, there are also some summer destinations for you. Why not try the cool air in Tagaytay to have a sudden escape from the scorching heat of the sun in Manila. Going to affordable hotels won’t hurt the budget, all you have to do is have a weekender bag that can hold two to three change of clothes, convertible slip-ons, and your vanity kit.

You can find some beaches in Batangas, it has a number of beach resorts in Laiya, San Juan, and Matabungkay. Laguna, which is just two to three hours away from the Metro, has a fair share of hot springs that you can enjoy; try to visit old churches there and you can have a quick glimpse of history. When you plan to go to the churches in the Southern Tagalog, remember that they may have a conservative perspective in dressing up, so you may want to pack a wrap-around skirt just in case.

Visayas will always have a space in the hearts of foreigners. So, why not try going to the provinces there to prove what they have learned to love in our country. The second main island of the country have lots of beautiful spots, well, primarily in Aklan, Cebu, and Bohol. Riding a plane to Boracay will give you more time on the place itself, so it will be a good option if you will just have a weekend off. Party life is always up at night in “Bora” so you better have the best sundress, a woven scarf, and pretty pair of sandals packed if you plan to have a taste of the bottomless drinks and dance your heart all night.

Get into the Hottest Deals with Lazada’s Summer Sale! | Pinoy Shop Today

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You cannot get really tired in Cebu when you tour around the city as they have an efficient mass transport there, go ahead and have a couple of walking shorts, simple tees, and comfortable footwear so you can enjoy having your photos taken at the best destinations in Mactan. Tour around the Chocolate Hills and look for a tarsier in the forest of Bohol, you can also enjoy the white sand beaches there if you love to.

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If you are having a hard time on deciding what to bring and what to leave behind, get the clothes and accessories that will just fit in the places where you will go. Mindanao also has a number of options for summer travelers. There is Lake Sebu, for example which is fondly called as the “Summer Capital of Southern Philippines” because of its relatively cold weather. You can wear outerwear that is made out of lightweight and heavy duty material, say a windbreaker that can help you feel a little warm while enjoying the wonderful works of nature.

Try the beaches down south and find out for your self how clear the water is and how fine the sand really is there in Dahican Beach, Davao; Britania Islands and Enchanted River in Surigao. Bring the best beach towel, pair of bikini, and cover-up that you have so you can enjoy the walks on the beach.

Get into the Hottest Deals with Lazada’s Summer Sale! | Pinoy Shop Today

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