Mini Sewing Machine 2 Speed with FREE Deluxe Sewing Kit Storage Caddy Organizer

Mini Sewing Machine 2 Speed with FREE Deluxe Sewing Kit Storage Caddy Organizer | Pinoy Shop Today

Instead of straining your eyes and tiring your hands trying to sew the old-fashioned way, why not use the 2-Speed Mini Sewing Machine? This handy device can help you repair rips and tears efficiently, so you can get on with more important things in life more quickly. It can also help you create new clothes for yourself and your loved ones, saving you money and helping you let out your creative energies.

You’ll be surprised at just how easy it is to set up the 2-Speed Mini Sewing Machine. Just plug it in and connect its small pedal to its main body. Then, take a bobbin and string its thread through the machine. You’ll be ready to use this indispensable device.

To start sewing, just place your fabric underneath the needle and step on the foot pedal. The 2-Speed Mini Sewing Machine will quickly and efficiently stitch up the fabric. You can also press the on/off button at the side to rewind thread into your bobbin, further saving you time.

The 2-Speed Mini Electric Sewing Machine has two speed settings: low and high. Choose the lower setting if you want to do more detailed, careful work. Or, choose the high setting for basic stitching or for a lot of fabric. This machine can also do double stitches, so your cloth won’t tear easily.

The 2-Speed Mini Sewing Machine has a compact size that makes it easy to bring with you around the house or to other places. Just remove the bobbin and thread, disconnect the foot pedal and the adaptor, and store them all in the box or a bag. Then, bring this machine with you wherever you go so you can quickly repair any tears.

By purchasing the 2-Speed Mini Sewing Machine, you don’t just get a small home appliance. You also get the things you need to use it: a needle, a threader, and bobbins. So, all you need to provide is the fabric and thread that you’ll be sewing up.

You can use the 2-Speed Mini Sewing Machine to repair different fabrics or create new things with them. You can use it on everything from lightweight cotton to the thickest denim, just be sure to get the right needle and thread for the job. Your clothes, curtains, bed linens, and other fabric-based items will thank you for it.

Product Specifications

Electric sewing machine
Voltage: 220V
Two-speed controls
Convenient foot pedal switch
Double stitch capability
Easy to replace bobbins
Sew all sorts of fabrics

Price: ₱555.00 (Before ₱1,955.00; You save 72%)

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