Products people are going crazy for from Lazada

Lazada is truly one of the greatest things to happen to a tech lover here in the Philippines. It features the widest range of consumer electronics with competitive prices and free shipping (under terms and conditions) and even some of your money back when you shop with cashback websites like ShopBack.

Products people are going crazy for from Lazada | Pinoy Shop Today

When you have such a wide range of products in your portfolio, certain items are bound to be more popular than others. Let’s take a look at what is hot from Lazada and maybe you’ll find out a thing or two about the must-have gadgets that have been sorely missing in your life.

Now’s a better time than ever to get your hands on these products.

Go crazy with these amazing products from Lazada

1) Bluetooth Touchscreen Smartwatch

Products people are going crazy for from Lazada | Pinoy Shop Today

This product is the top-selling product in Lazada and it is not hard to see why. Despite its lack of a household brand name, this watch still ranks up there in functionality. It has everything you need in a smartwatch – it tells the time, provides instant notifications from messages and apps, allows you to answer phone calls hands-free and you can even control your music player. Additional features include various tracking tools such as an altitude meter, passometers and a barometer. The game-changer for this product is that it packs all that functionality in a price point that is absurdly low.

2) Rechargeable Police Flashlight with Stun Gun Taser

Products people are going crazy for from Lazada | Pinoy Shop Today

A flashlight and a concealed self-defense apparatus and all kinds of cool. This bad boy is your personal superhero, serving as a functional member of society under the guise of a flashlight but when the time comes it kicks all kinds of butt as a stun gun. It is also compact enough for you to carry around anywhere because you’ll never know when you’ll have the need for a flashlight or a stun gun. The shocks administered are of low voltage and non-lethal but just enough to disorient an aggressor.

3) ASUS ZenPower 10050mah Powerbank

Products people are going crazy for from Lazada | Pinoy Shop Today

Let’s face it. No one can go a day without his or her smartphone. A dying phone battery is enough to cause concern and anxiety. This is why portable batteries rank high in Lazada’s list of bestsellers. Top of the list of bestselling portable batteries, however, is the ASUS ZenPower 10050mah Powerbank. Perhaps it is the combination of compactness and power all housed in an aesthetically pleasing aluminum casing that appeals to the consumers. At 10050mah, it has enough juice to power up most smartphone models 2 times over.

4) Sandisk Cruzer Blade 8GB

Products people are going crazy for from Lazada | Pinoy Shop Today

Technological advances have rapidly made conducting business and all administrative processes in general into an increasingly paperless affair. Technological advances have also enabled us to store vast amounts of data in drives that gets even more and more compact as time goes on. A sturdy, reliable USB storage device is highly valued as it provides the means to safe storage and transfer of information from one device to another – because having your data wiped out is quite the harrowing affair. The Sandisk Cruzer meets the entire requirements that one might ever need in a USB storage device. It packs quite the punch with its 28mb per minute rate of transfer and its USB 3.0 interface.

5) Creative SBS-A120 Multimedia Speakers

Products people are going crazy for from Lazada | Pinoy Shop Today

Creative has quite made its name in the whole audio equipment scene. The quality and performance that belie its compact size have made the SBS A-120 Multimedia Speaker quite a bargain. It reproduces sound that is vibrant and realistic complete with a subwoofer for some thumping bass. Plus, it looks real slick and sophisticated for something that is priced so affordable.

So have you found something from this list that everyone is crazy about but is distinctly missing in your life? If yes, then, you’re welcome!

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