Slimfast Lipo Men Capsules (Blister Pack of 30)

Slimfast Lipo Men Capsules (Blister Pack of 30) | Pinoy Shop Today

SlimFast Lipo for Men Fat Burner Capsules. Lean out! Lose the belly! Get ripped! Weight Loss for Men 30 capsules – 1 month supply.

BURNS FAT FAST! NO DIET! NO EXERCISE! Decreases appetite. Increases metabolic rate. Converts food source into energy. Reduces cholesterol level. Reduces fat absorption. Burns extra fat.

Slimfast Lipo Fat Burner will assist you with burning away body fat which you have accumulated over months and years. It can eliminate stubborn fat out of your body by burning and metabolizing the fat, and at the same time working as an appetite suppressant.


Chromium Polynicotinate
– Controls cholesterol
– Increases lean muscle tissue

– Improves mood
– Effective for losing stress-induced weight gain

– Sends a signal when your stomach is full

– Maintain basic metabolism
– Burns fatty acids and transforming them into energy

Calcium Pyruvate
– Boosts your metabolism and energy level

Korean Ginseng
– Improves control over blood sugar
– Improves energy level

Lotus Leaf
– Slows down the absorption of fat

Bee Pollen
– Speeds up calorie burn
– Natural energizer

Green Tea Extract
– Help mobilizes fat from fat cells
– Increases fat burning especially during exercise

How quickly will it take to see the results? Slimfast Lipo for Men can show you results as early as 1-2 weeks

Are there any side effects? The side effects reported, which are linked to not taking the supplement as directed, are nausea, dehydration, diarrhea, and headache. So make sure to stay hydrated and drink lots of water.

Directions: Take one capsule 30 minutes before breakfast. It is recommended to drink a lot of water at least 20 glasses or more a day.

Important reminders: This product is not suitable for children below 18, persons with a heart ailment, kidney or liver dysfunction, and those who are hypertensive, diabetic, and allergic to any of the mentioned ingredients. Discontinue use if adverse effects occur. Keep tightly closed in a cool dry place.

Product Specifications

Blister Pack of 30 capsules
Weight loss for men
Decreases appetite
Increases metabolic rate
Converts food source into energy
Reduces cholesterol level
Reduces fat absorption
Burns extra fat

Price: ₱1,235.00 (Before ₱1,800.00, You save 31%)

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