VR Box 2.0 with Bluetooth VR controller Virtual Reality 3D Glasses for Smartphone (White)

VR Box 2.0 with Bluetooth VR controller Virtual Reality 3D Glasses for Smartphone (White) | Pinoy Shop Today

Samsung VR? Oculus? No need to spend $300 dollars on Virtual Reality. The VR Box is suitable for Android and iOS smartphones with a screen size of 3.5 ~ 6″screen inches (measured diagonally). The VR Box features an improved FOV, lighter build for optimal Head-VR transition, an inclusion of VR optimized controller-designed especially for virtual reality Games and software. It has a 55mm ultra-large lenses for optimal VR experience.

It also has a porthole for headphone jacks and microUSB. The VR Box 2.0 can be used to play your favorite titles like GTA V or even increase your productivity by using it as a surround virtual monitor. It has adjustable lenses to avoid eye strain, blurry and headaches of traditional cardboard VR.

The VR Box 2.0 is built with a head mount for a totally immersive VR experience with materials in Polycarbonate, TPU, High-grade resin, Nano-fiber, and Polysilicone.

Would this be too close to my eyes?

The lenses we used are asymmetrically biconvex so images would seem to be a lot farther than they may seem to be since these lenses bend light and give you a longer focal distance.

Would this be only good for making 2D movies into 3D? No, you can play simulation and games on the Play store and also stream PC titles into your VR like GTA V.

Can I use this for PC? Yes, you can.

Product Specifications

Lighter by 2oz than Version 1.0
With Optimized VR controller for an immersive VR experience
65 Improved OPTIMA Lenses (Adjustable even for users with myopia
Package Weight: About 0.5 kg
Automatically converts 2D videos into 3D using app included in the app list free for download
Enjoy hundreds of free Games with this 3D Glasses (Link included in Manual Freebies)
Compatible with 4.7-6.1 inch smartphone such as Samsung Note Series, LG G2 to LG G5, iPhone 5s/6, and other mobile phones
The short-sighted can directly use this 3D glasses and do not have to take off the glasses
Focal Length adjustable ( Good for short-sightedness, normal sight also some long sightedness)
Can be used with glasses
Eye width distance adjustable
Comes with Port opening for charger and headphone jacks

Price: ₱1,099.00 (Before ₱4,299.00, You save 74%)

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